Recently, I experienced a work-life imbalance and to be honest with you guys, I didn’t even notice it.

The crazy part is one would think it’s my personal life that will suffer it but no oh! it was my work. I focused more on my personal life especially the part of house hunting that took a better part of my schedule in the past few months.
I mean it was that bad that my manager called me to order asking If I was experiencing any problem at home that couldn’t let me focus so she could give me some time off. She talked to me and I slept over the matter.

Most definitely, I started thinking of ways to balance the both and bam! I went to google and there were so many things I saw but then I just said to myself that I will try just 3 and if it doesn’t work, I’m calling my mother right away because she has experienced this first hand.

So! here are the three tips I applied

1. Developing a Schedule

sticking to a schedule is like the most difficult thing but to get your job done, you need it to work. So I created a list of activities to be done every week and prioritized them. This worked because I found myself having spare time to think of blog post ideas.

2 . Communication 

because I cannot coman and kill myself by myself I communicated often with my colleagues and family members/friends to let them know of my availability, also communication plays an important role in scheduling of activities.


3. Use of technology

I leveraged on this not just for communication but for meetings too. I’m not a fan of meetings because most times meetings should be emails that should be sent.

if it’s important for me to have meetings then it’s a remote meeting. How do I achieve this? I use applications like Google hangout, whatsapp calls, zoom etc. There are lots of them. 


These are the tips I applied that worked for me and to be very honest with you guys,  I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long while.

Are there tips that you have tried that worked?



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