Last week my cousin and I paid a visit to a friend of mine and she asked her to do some work for her. She(my friend) delivered and my cousin was impressed with the whole work however she had her objections which she expressed (regular sturvs) and knowing my friend very well I expected some form of minor argument but nah! My friend was chilled and took the whole thing with her chest.

Certain situations sometimes create a moment of realization for us and that was when it hit me that this happens in our everyday life but sometimes we are defensive and very aggressive when we are criticized while some days we take note of these constructive criticisms and make corrections where needed, however some criticisms are Non-constructive like some people just open their mouth and spew trash.

Personally, it’s either one of them depending on the situation but learning and unlearning everyday I realized it’s best to take both constructive and Nonconstructive criticism with receptiveness because being defensive sometimes can lead to situations that cannot be controlled however In cases of nonconstructive criticisms I just accept it to avoid wahala and simply throw it away because you can’t expect me to apply your nonsense in my life lol

I’m sure you’re wondering how to differentiate between constructive and non-constructive criticism, It’s quite simple

  • Constructive criticism adds value by explaining ways a situation or something can be better while non-constructive criticism focuses on the negative and does not add value in any way.

Taking Criticisms requires a lot of patience and intelligence to be able to do this with your chest (If you’re not Nigerian, Please ask your Nigerian friend what it means to take something with your Chest)

Now the big question is how do you take criticisms? Are you the defensive or receptive type??



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