The holidays are over and I had a couple of fun, annoying moments which I analyzed and I felt it was really important to put out three basic things which I noticed we all overlook that we all need to learn from. so straight to the point

1. You don’t need to make the same mistake as others, learn from their mistakes:

after an argument I experienced I realized that it’s important to learn from these arguments and also try to set measures that would avoid you having such occurrence

2. Don’t always believe the hype:

A couple of things were really hyped this Christmas and it made  me super excited but when the day came, I was disappointed after the events. it wasn’t a funny experience but I just smiled my way through it. Trust me it’s not always like this, sometimes always believe the hype because they eventually come through

3. Stay calm, despite the situation:

Learnt this the hard way! I was thinking that my emotional intelligence game was on point but I fell again… you know what they say when you fall!, dust yourself and Stand up. 


so guys, what lessons did you learn from the experiences you had over the holiday?

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. chefJeny says:

    who is the chairman of Hypings? just asking😂😂😂😂


    1. Tochi Dike says:

      Aunty I’m not understanding this your question 😩😂


  2. Kuskus says:

    Some of the things I learnt..
    1. Try as much as possible to avoid over spending!
    2. Festive periods! Are the worst times to be on a diet abeg…( we can’t kill ourself las las)….
    3. I think it’s safe to say that the “villages or home towns” are upgrading in their own ways….


    1. Tochi Dike says:

      that dieting is a big scam TBH!! please I cannot die but to be on the safe side! portion control did the job for me this holiday!
      ahn! the villagers surprised me too! I won’t lie
      then number 1 I should do a blog post on it because my spendings were all budgeted for and I didn’t go over board
      Thanks for reading! I appreciate ❤


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