img_9424A woman is strong, a woman is resilient…..Basic stuff I guess, but there’s a part I never agree with and that is A WOMAN IS LIMITED …. As a woman you’re expected by societal standards( like I always ask who set these freaking standards) to either have a career or just stay at home but the narrative is changing and the thing is A WOMAN HAS NEVER EVER BEEN LIMITED, take the likes of Ibukun Awosika who have achieved great heights in their careers….
Now the point is if there is some sort of a balance in the home, business/career a WOMAN CAN BE ALL AND MORE SHE WANTS TO BE…

Now this is not clamoring for equality but EQUITY..Equal access to opportunities, rights, you name it…
When all this is achieved, the world will be a better happier place for us all, therefore let us #balanceforbetter … and here’s to strong women all over the world, may we know them, may we be them and may we raise them!!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ceejay says:

    This is a lovely and encouraging article u have here. Expecting More from u ma


    1. Tochi Dike says:

      Thank you so much
      I appreciate ❤️


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